Best Free Personal CRM

Looking for a free personal CRM?

You want to keep track of your relationships and want to get started with a free personal CRM. In this article, we’ll look at the best free personal CRMs for you to use.

Best: Notion

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Free Personal CRM Plan: Unlimited pages & blocks, single user, 5 guests, 5MB file upload limit.

β†’ See Notion CRM Template


Streak CRM

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Free Personal CRM Plan: Basic CRM with 500 contacts, 50 mail merges and email tracking.

β†’ See Streak CRM


Agile CRM

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Free Personal CRM Plan:

  • 10 users
  • 50,000 Contacts & Companies
  • Custom Data Fields
  • Lead Scoring
  • Unlimited Deals, Tasks & Documents
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Custom Deal Milestones
  • Email Tracking
  • 2-Way Email Integration
  • Custom Deal Tracks
  • 2-Way Telephony

β†’ See Agile CRM



screely 1641974888749

Free Personal CRM Plan:

  • 30 day history
  • Solo inbox
  • 10 boards
  • Unlimited productivity
  • Limited integrations
  • Limited workflow
  • Mobile apps

β†’ See Drag



screely 1641975696401

Free Personal CRM Plan:

  • Contact management
  • Contact website activity
  • Tasks & activities
  • Gmail and Outlook integration
  • App Marketplace integrations
  • Custom support form fields
  • Prospects
  • Forms
  • Ad management
  • Shared inbox
  • Email templates
  • Canned snippets
  • Calling
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Messenger integration

β†’ See HubSpot



screely 1641965870677

Free Personal CRM Plan: 200 contacts, unlimited members and 1 source per user

β†’ See Folk



screely 1641966473175

Free Personal CRM Plan: 10 contacts and restricted features.

β†’ See Monica



screely 1641966790018

Free Personal CRM Plan: Free with basic features. All features but excludes reminders, business card scanning, business cards, contact backups and contact exports.

β†’ See Covve



screely 1641968991628

Free Personal CRM Plan: Up to 50 objects (pages, tables and views, buttons and controls, and formulas) and 1,000 rows per doc.

β†’ See Coda



screely 1641969155103

Free Personal CRM Plan:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Up to 10 events & 10 reminders
  • Up to 15 keep-in-touch contacts
  • Browser Extension (limited)
  • Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • Desktop App

β†’ See Dex



screely 1641969686161

Free Personal CRM Plan: All iOS features

β†’ See Garden



screely 1641969915464

Free Personal CRM Plan:

  • Manage 10 relationships
  • Add unlimited contacts
  • Contacts sync daily
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Up to 5 introductions only

β†’ See UpHabit



screely 1641970474198

Free Personal CRM Plan: Basic features including Circles, Connections, Utilities & Tools. Excludes Dashboard, Emailer, Calendar, Mapping, Timelines.

β†’ See Nouri



screely 1641970989002

Free Personal CRM Plan: 1,000 contacts, sync 1 account, basic features

β†’ See Contacts+

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