Cultivating Connections Strategies for Keeping in Touch with a Personal CRM

Cultivating Connections: Strategies for Keeping in Touch with a Personal CRM

We’ve all been there—those fleeting thoughts that remind us, “I should really keep in touch with my connections better.” Yet, the common question that arises is, “What do I say?” Fear not, because here are some effective strategies for using a Personal CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to never run out of good reasons to reach out.

1. Capture Personal Details: The Low-Hanging Fruit

Legendary author and businessperson Harvey Mackay’s team tracked 66 discrete pieces of information about their clients, ranging from birthdays and anniversaries to the names of their kids and alma maters. Such details, when noted and remembered, can serve as excellent touchpoints to reach out. You can set reminders in your Personal CRM to send a personalized note a few days before an event, or even follow sports schedules and send well-wishes to individuals whose alma maters are playing.

2. The Power of Books

Books hold a unique place in our hearts. They are more than just $15 objects; they are physical manifestations of shared interests, knowledge, and your relationship. When someone mentions a topic they’re interested in, note it down. Don’t just stop at recommending a book; send it to them with a heartfelt note. The gesture will be remembered and appreciated long after the book has been read.

3. Sharing is Caring: Share Your Notes

In the age of information, we all have Personal Operating Systems to manage knowledge—like taking notes on what we read or learn. While these notes primarily serve our learning process, they can also become a valuable resource for others. Turn your notes on a topic into a summary document. When someone asks about that topic, you can share your ready-made summary, providing them with a distilled version of valuable information.

4. Repurpose Old Projects

We all have various projects we are working on or have completed. From that trip you took to Paris, the estate planning process you completed, to how you found a reliable babysitter—all these can be potentially valuable for someone else. As an enthusiast of the “Getting Things Done” (GTD) system, consider keeping an “archived projects” area in your Personal CRM. So, when someone asks about a similar endeavour, you have a detailed project plan ready to share.

5. Maintain a “Ways to Love People” Document

The essence of keeping in touch is showing love and care for people. A part of your Personal CRM could be a living document that includes referrals for therapists, doctors, trainers, financial planners, etc. You can also prepare documents for various life events—like when someone gets a new job, loses one, has a kid, loses a loved one, starts a company, or moves somewhere new. These resources can provide practical help and emotional support in various life situations.

Keeping in touch requires intentionality, effort, and a systematic approach. A Personal CRM can be a powerful tool to manage and maintain your relationships, serving as a repository for personal details, shared interests, knowledge, completed projects, and valuable resources. By implementing these strategies, not only will you keep your connections alive and strong, but you’ll also add value to others’ lives in meaningful and personal ways.

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