What are the main features of a personal CRM?

A personal CRM (pronounced like “see-arr-em”) is a way for individuals to keep track of personal information. It can be used to store personal details such as customer information, personal project status or personal contacts.

A personal CRM comprises the following core features:

  1. Data storage
  2. Data personalization
  3. Data archiving
  4. Personal contacts management
  5. Emailing personal contacts
  6. Sales lead tracking
  7. Visual representation of personal data using charts and graphs.

Most personal CRM systems also offer the following features:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Personal alerts to remind users of personal tasks
  • Bulk data management
  • Calendar to schedule personal appointments and events
  • Search engine that lets the user find personal data through keywords or other attributes.

Many personal CRMs offer a free basic version, with the possibility to upgrade for a fee when more storage is needed.

Personal CRMs are usually used by individuals to keep track of personal information that is related to their personal life (or work). They include personal contacts management, personal alert reminders, scheduling personal appointments and reminder features, etc. Generally speaking, most people prefer using a personal address book-style CRM because it is designed to suit personal needs, instead of being a part of an organization.

In personal CRM software, there is usually no limitation on the number of personal contacts that the user can add to their database. In addition, most personal CRMs can be configured to suit personal preferences and personal data structure. Furthermore, in most personal CRM software there is no limit on personal data storage, therefore a user can save as much personal data as they desire.

In personal CRM software, a user can personalize his/her personal data structure and add personal attributes to personal contacts that will be saved in the database. Usually, personal CRM users group their personal contacts into predefined categories, such as “work” or “home”. In this way, when they need to find personal data related to personal contacts they simply need to select the relevant category.

Personal CRM software usually offers users personal alerts that can be set when certain personal activities are due (e.g., birthday reminders). These personal alert settings can also be activated using a personal calendar, which is designed to let personal users create personal events and appointments. Most personal CRMs also use personal calendar data to show personal users their upcoming personal events or appointments, in order to avoid any overlapping between personal activities.

A common feature in personal CRMs is bulk data management capabilities. Usually, personal CRM software can import/export personal data in CSV formats, so that personal users can easily back up or sync their personal databases with personal computers or personal mobile devices, whenever they need to.

A personal CRM is usually equipped with search engine capabilities so that personal users can find personal data through keywords or other personal attributes. Most personal CRMs offer a free basic version, but most of them offer additional storage accounts for a fee when users expand their database by adding more personal contacts.

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