Queue is an iOS-focused personal CRM for iPhone that helps you keep in touch with people. Queue is a nice, simple CRM for your personal life. Add the people you’d most like to keep in touch with, get reminders to reach out on a regular basis, take notes on your catch ups, and easily search across your network. Here’s how it works:

Your people

Add people from your Google Calendar meetings, Gmail threads, and iPhone contacts, and Queue will remind you to reach out on a regular basis.

Your catch ups

Queue is deeply integrated with your Google Calendar. It’ll keep track of how long it’s been since you last caught up, and remind you when it’s time to get in touch again.

Your notes

Queue will remind you after each catch up to think about how it went and take some notes, and it’ll make sure you have those notes handy when it’s time to reach out again.


User Reviews of Queue Community Personal CRM

As personal relationships become even more integral to our overall wellbeing, Queue CRM emerges as a practical tool for managing and enhancing these connections. Designed exclusively for iPhone users, Queue stands out due to its simplicity, usability, and effectiveness. It’s a nifty platform that reminds you when to get in touch with your contacts, jot down key notes from your conversations, and quickly search across your network.

Key Strengths of Queue CRM

According to user reviews, Queue CRM’s main strengths lie in its simplicity and attention to detail. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, which allows users to quickly add new contacts and set up reminders. The Google Calendar integration comes up frequently as a standout feature. It appears to streamline the process of scheduling and tracking, ensuring you don’t miss important dates or appointments. The ability to customize reminders also adds a level of personalization that users appreciate.

Ideal Users of Queue CRM

Given the personal-focused nature of Queue CRM, it’s ideally suited for individuals looking to maintain and manage their personal relationships. Busy professionals, who might struggle to make time for personal connections, could significantly benefit from Queue’s features. Sales professionals also express satisfaction with Queue as it aids in staying in touch with clients and prospects.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Queue CRM

Queue’s strengths significantly revolve around its ease of use and the straightforwardness of its features. Notably, its reminder system seems to be the backbone of its success, helping users maintain relationships without feeling overwhelmed.

However, Queue is not without its weaknesses. A user pointed out the inability to upload images to the notes section, which might limit the detail and context one can add about interactions with a contact. Another critical disadvantage is the absence of desktop and Android versions, which restricts access to a broad audience.

Top 5 Features That Users Love About Queue CRM

  1. Google Calendar Integration: This feature enhances users’ ability to manage and track their communication activities.
  2. Customizable reminders: Queue CRM allows users to set reminders according to their preference, ensuring they never miss an opportunity to connect.
  3. Intuitive User Interface: Queue CRM’s interface is simple and easy to navigate, making the process of managing personal relationships less cumbersome.
  4. Secure Data Protection Policy: Users trust Queue CRM with their contact data, which is crucial in today’s privacy-conscious digital world.
  5. Post-call questions: These questions appear to help users capture key notes about their interaction, making it easier to remember important details about their contacts.

Good Use Cases for Queue CRM

The Queue CRM app is an excellent tool for individuals who value their personal relationships but struggle to stay on top of managing these connections. This might include busy professionals, people with large social circles, or sales professionals who need to maintain consistent contact with clients and prospects.

How Easy is Queue CRM to Learn?

Given the intuitive interface and simplicity of the app, Queue CRM seems quite easy to learn. Most users report being able to set it up and start using it swiftly.

Opinions on Queue CRM Pricing

Users seem to find the pricing of Queue CRM to be fair and adequate for the value it provides, with no major complaints about cost.

Queue CRM vs Competitors

While specific competitors aren’t named in the reviews, Queue CRM’s strength lies in its focused functionality. While many CRMs cater to businesses with extensive features and complex interfaces, Queue simplifies the concept and delivers a personal CRM tool that effectively caters to individual users.

Queue CRM Alternatives

Given the review data, specific alternatives aren’t mentioned. However, considering its iOS exclusivity, Android or cross-platform CRM solutions could serve as alternatives to Queue CRM for users on different platforms.

Types of People Who Are Using Queue CRM

Queue CRM appears to cater to a diverse range of users from different backgrounds – from professionals trying to manage their busy schedules, salespeople needing to stay connected with clients, to individuals simply wanting to stay in touch with their loved ones more effectively.

Features That Are Missing from Queue CRM

Based on user feedback, a couple of key features are absent from Queue CRM. These include the ability to upload images into the notes section and support for co-buyers or multiple users on the same lead. Also, the lack of desktop and Android versions limits its accessibility for potential users.

In Conclusion

Queue CRM shines in its domain of being a personal CRM tool. It simplifies relationship management and encourages users to stay connected. While there are areas for improvement and expansion, it offers an invaluable service in our increasingly digital world, ensuring our personal relationships don’t get lost in the shuffle.

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