Nimble personal CRM is perfect for people who need a CRM for family, friends and business contacts. Nimble connects to Office 365 / Outlook & Gmail, enriches data, connects to your social media accounts and makes keeping in touch a breeze.


User Reviews of Nimble Personal CRM

Nimble CRM is touted as a personal CRM designed for managing relationships with family, friends, and business contacts alike. It prides itself on integrations with Gmail and Office 365 / Outlook, as well as robust social media connections. But how does this CRM software really stand up in terms of usability, pricing, features, and user satisfaction? Let’s delve into these details based on users’ experiences and reviews.

Key Strengths

One of the most celebrated strengths of Nimble CRM is its ability to streamline contact management and prospect tracking. Users appreciate its seamless integration with various email systems and social media accounts, making the process of contact information collection a breeze. Furthermore, its adaptability in supporting ambitious sales projects through robust marketing campaign distribution and follow-ups has been lauded by many users.

Nimble CRM is also recognized for its valuable support in managing sales demands and tracking campaigns. Users find it as an essential tool in their marketing arsenal, helping them stay ahead in a competitive business environment.

Ideal Users

Nimble is an excellent fit for small sales teams, especially those working closely with marketing. Users who emphasize social media interactions in their customer relationships find it particularly useful. Startup founders, despite not being the primary target market, also find value in Nimble. Furthermore, those who desire cloud-based functionality to work anywhere appreciate the software’s capabilities.


Nimble’s strengths include its ability to effortlessly pull information from social profiles, thus enriching customer data. It offers a cost-effective CRM solution, with users reporting significant savings compared to other tools like Salesforce. Nimble also shines in its ability to focus on the individual at the other end of the screen, ensuring customer-centricity in every interaction.


Despite its robust features, Nimble does present a few challenges for users. Some users mention issues with the interface and a need to manually adjust resolutions. The learning curve, particularly for users transitioning from other CRM platforms, is steep due to differences in layout and functionality. Additionally, third-party integrations are not always intuitive, especially when compared to automation-first solutions. Some users also desire more depth in data prospecting and easier access to templates.

Top 5 Features That Users Love

  1. Social Media Integration: Nimble effortlessly pulls in data from social media, enriching customer information.
  2. Email System Integration: The software integrates seamlessly with email systems like Gmail and Office 365, simplifying contact management.
  3. Cost-Effective: Users appreciate its affordable pricing, offering significant savings compared to competitors.
  4. Contact Management: Nimble excels in managing and tracking customer relationships.
  5. Campaign Tracking: Users appreciate the ability to track marketing campaigns and analyze their effectiveness.

Good Use Cases

  1. Sales Development: Users can effectively track prospects, follow-ups, and sales targets.
  2. Account Management: Nimble can maintain comprehensive account details for efficient management.
  3. Customer Service: The software can manage customer relationships and interactions.
  4. Personal CRM: Nimble also caters to personal use, helping manage relationships with family and friends.

Ease of Learning

While some users find Nimble easy to use, those transitioning from other CRM platforms may face a learning curve. However, once acclimated, users generally find it user-friendly and intuitive.


Users consider Nimble’s pricing to be very reasonable, especially given its extensive feature set. While the additional cost for multiple pipelines was an unwelcome surprise for some, overall, Nimble is seen as offering good value for the money.

Nimble CRM vs. Competitors

Nimble stands up well against competitors, particularly in terms of cost and functionality. Users noted significant savings when compared to Salesforce, and appreciate the focus on the individual user experience, which they believe better suits small sales teams.

Nimble CRM Alternatives

While no specific alternatives were mentioned in the reviews, similar CRM platforms such as Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, and NetApp could serve as potential alternatives depending on a company’s specific needs and budget.

Types of People Using Nimble CRM

Salespeople, marketing professionals, startup founders, and individuals looking for a personal CRM tool are primary users of Nimble.

Features Missing from Nimble CRM

Some users noted a desire for deeper internet prospecting, easier access to templates, and direct provision of CIFS/NFS from storage. There’s also a wish for increased storage options without additional costs.

In conclusion, Nimble CRM is a robust and cost-effective solution for managing both business and personal relationships. It caters to a variety of users, offering valuable features such as social media and email system integrations. While it has some minor weaknesses and potential room for improvement, its strengths and benefits significantly outweigh them, making it an excellent choice for many users.

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